Hi, my name is

Steven Fimbres.

I am a Software Engineer.

I am a Los Angeles based software developer with experience building websites and creating mobile apps. Currently, I am a Webmaster at the USC School of Architecture where I build and maintain websites for the school. I am currently working on building Portfolio Me, an e-portfolio platform meant to help college students get entry-level jobs and internships!

About Me

Hello! I am Steven Fimbres. I am a recent graduate from UC San Diego. I graduated with a B.S in Mathematics-Computer Science and a minor in Business. I am currently working as a Webmaster and freelance Web Developer. I am currently enrolled in a Full Stack Engineer certification through Codecademy. I have industry experience with mobile development and web development. My current aspiration is to join a software development team as a front-end software engineer.

Here are a few of the technologies I’ve been working with recently:


Webmaster @ USC

November 2021-Current

  • Maintains and modifies the school or department website including content, graphical and multimedia displays and communications. Gathers feedback for website improvement and enhancement.
  • Analyzes, designs, implements and maintains technical solutions and multimedia content and systems for school/department website.
  • Communicates and consults with faculty and staff to determine and define website needs and functionality.
  • Investigates and analyzes various specialized computing options and solutions. Troubleshoots system errors and bugs.
  • Designs website to maximize accessibility, usability and effectiveness.
  • Integrates multimedia content with web-based educational software applications, including databases and communication protocols.


WordPress | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | GitHub | Firebase | Heroku | TravisCI

Web Developer @ Social Ordeals

June 2021-November 2021

  • Created and Developed new WordPress websites for clients using page builders, such as Elementor and Divi
  • Updated client’s websites, themes, and plugins
  • Worked with our clients and account managers to create new landing pages and ad design
  • Managed our SEO Product and tweaked our client’s sites based on recommendations
  • Utilized Google Analytics to measure website statistics


WordPress | Elementor | Divi | WooCommerce | SEO Plugins | Google Analytics | jQuery

Full-Stack Software Engineer Intern @ You Are Loved

June 2021-September 2021

  • Developed and designed a mental health application using React Native and Firebase
  • Developed an MVP mobile app for iOS and Android using Expo
  • Led the design and development of the Friends List Screen
  • Assisted in troubleshooting and debugging to optimize the apps performance


React Native | Firebase | JavaScript | Expo 

Web Developer Intern @ Breathe Southern California

March 2021-September 2021

  • Designed and updated current website pages on WordPress to reflect BREATHE SOCAL’s branding guidelines, mission and vision
  • Collaborated with staff in posting and curating content for the organization’s blogs
  • Assisted in updating and managing all updates requested by staff and leadership to the following
    websites owned by BREATHE SOCAL: www.breathesocal.org, www.emphysema.org,
    www.trudeausociety.org, www.enddieselnow.org
  • Assisted webmaster in designing and developing WordPress websites more specifically:
    o Page building in WordPress using page building tools like Elementor and WPBakery
    o UI/UX design in Figma
    o HTML/ CSS front end development inside of WordPress


WordPress | WPBakery | Elementor | WooCommerce | JavaScript


Featured Projects

You Are Loved App

React Native | Firebase | Github | Expo

The You Are Loved App is a mental health platform where users can share their feelings with their peers. I helped develop the friends list page, implementing features such as adding, searching, and viewing friends via a friend code or by scanning a QR code.

Fridge Buddy App 

Java | Node.js | Firebase | API’s | GitHub | Android Studio

FridgeBuddy is a computer vision application used to detect food items and recommend recipes using modern recipe API’s. My role on this project was “Database Specialist” and my main responsibility was maintaining a Firebase database to securely store user input and account information.

Circus Frenzy

C++ | OpenGL

Circus Frenzy is an arcade style game where the user must reach their objective without being captured by Bongo, a killer clown, using classic WASD + mouse first person movement controls. I implemented many features like first-person movement, lighting, and particle effects.

Calculator w/ Built In Parser 


Implemented an advanced calculator, which can assign and store variables and use the variables in operations. The built in parser used data structures (stack and heap) to perform operations on user input in the correct order, according to PEMDAS.

2048 Game Copycat

Java | JavaFX

Created a copycat version of the popular mobile game, 2048, using JavaFX to create the GUI. Users can use the keyboard arrows to mimic the controls of the mobile game.

Spell Checker and Autocomplete


Implemented spell checking and autocomplete functionality using advanced data structures (hash-table, bst, trie). The functionality worked similar to that of a normal word processor (i.e Microsoft Word).

Monde Dental

WordPress | Divi

A WordPress website I developed for Monde Dental while working at Social Ordeals.

Metropolitan Dental

WordPress | Divi

A WordPress website I co-developed for Metropolitan Dental while working at Social Ordeals.

End Diesel Now

WordPress | Elementor | JavaScript

A WordPress website I designed and developed as an intern for Breathe Southern California’s End Diesel Now campaign.

Portfolio Me

WordPress | Divi | WooCommerce

A e-portfolio platform I designed and developed to help college students get entry-level jobs and internships.


Coding Languages

C++, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Python


Express, jQuery, Node, React

Web Development

Canva, CSS, Divi, Elementor, Figma, Google DevTools, HTML, SEO, WordPress

CS Fundamentals

Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP, Run-time Analysis


Android Studio, Firebase, Git/GitHub, Visual Studio, Terminal, Vim


Agile, Debugging, Scrum, Unit Testing


Feel free to reach out to me via email or LinkedIn