You Are Loved App

Project Summary

The You Are Loved App is a social media application focused on mental health where users can share their feelings with their peers. The app is built using React Native, Cloud Firestore (Firebase), and Expo. The React Native Paper package was the main library used for UI/UX design. The UI/UX of the application is very similar to Snapchat, but modified to focus on the mental health aspect of the application. 

You Are Loved is an app that allows you to see and monitor how your friends are doing, view uplifting articles to brighten your day, and send kind messages to the people you care about. The hardest part of talking about mental health is being comfortable with telling people how you feel. You Are Loved changes that by making sharing your emotions easy, and allows you to express how you feel in a simple way. By just entering a number every day, your friends and family can see how you’re doing and call you if you need a pick me up. 

My Role and Experience

The You Are Loved App is my most recent experience building a React Native application. I was a part of the summer internship group which build out an MVP version of the You Are Loved App using React Native and Expo. I was the lead developer and designer for the Friends List screen, which operated similar to the Snapchat “Chat” screen. Some of the features I implemented include the scrollable friends list, QR code scanning, and messaging. I used the React Native Paper library for implementing style elements, like a FAB Button and scrollable list container. I was also responsible for troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of the app.

Overall, working on the You Are Loved App was a wonderful opportunity because I got to experience working with React Native and related packages, building a social media application, and collaborating in a team environment.